JM Eco-Home,

A Better Home

The 21st century is destined to be the century of Eco Health, a ten trillion RMB market in China with unlimited worldwide potential. JM, the leading company in China’s healthcare industry, is one of the first companies in the world to focus on the concept of an ecological health system. JM’s Eco-Home is the product of this idea.

As advances in technology continue, seeking a balance between people and nature becomes increasingly difficult. JM’s Eco-Home, which consists of a broad range of products, aims to restore this balance and create a positive ecological living environment for JM’s customers and their families.

JM introduced the concept of eco-health in 2011 and led the study of Bama Longevity Village. Since then, our scientists have been working to unlock the secrets behind the Bama longevity phenomenon.  They have identified 5 elements crucial to the longevity of people in Bama:  sun, water, air, food and magnetism. JM seeks to build an environment where all of these elements are present so we can bring Bama to your home. 

QiaoLin Industrial Park

Modern technology has been a key factor in the development of JM’s leading position in the global healthcare industry. In addition to R&D teams all over the world, JM invested in a high-tech industrial park in Nanjing, China. Began in 2014, this 50 million US dollars project will serve as the heart of JM’s global business, providing support for Eco-Home products. With over 7,800 square meters, the industrial park, scheduled to be completed in 2016,will house R&D, logistics, and manufacturing facilities.