Collaborated with distributors, JMI Indonesia branch held Natural Health Talk Show with the theme "Enriching Special Children" on October 7, 2018, in Jakarta, with four great local leaders and hundreds of distributors attended.


Three distributors of JMI Indonesia branch are invited as the speakers to share stories about their children. They first talked about the personalities and talents of their children, telling the audience how special every child is. Then they reminded the parents to care about their health to allow them to develop their potential to the fullest. “Children are easily influenced by the surrounding environment. What they absorb every day can affect their future development. And what they experience every day can affect their emotions and perceptions. So it is important to teach them to live a 3H Lifestyle.” 3H Lifestyle includes healthy, happy, harmony, which allows us to stay healthy physically and mentally in a harmonious environment.



In addition to discussing their experiences about health and their children, the speakers also shared their experience in using JMI products such as AlphaMeta, AlphaSpin and JMS3, which are positive feedback. After the discussion, one of the local leaders then presented the functions and benefits of JM products, as well as introduced the concept of 3H Lifestyle (healthy-happy-harmony). The participants therefore further understood how JM products and 3H Lifestyle can bring them wellness and happiness.



At the end of the event a promotion was held, where the participants were enthusiastic to try and buy JM products. The event ended successfully with cheers and laughter. JMI promises to continue offering premium health products and sharing 3H Lifestyle with everyone!