With a happy and cheerful rhythm, our Dubai trip came to the fourth day. The rich and wonderful tourism arrangement over the past three days deeply fascinated our family members in a variety of forms of Dubai's luxurious architectures and long-standing culture


In the morning of The fourth day, our family members visited Atlantis The Palm. Located on the world's largest man-made island, the Palm Island and built with the theme of Atlantis, a highly civilized ancient country, Atlantis The Palm is a luxury hotel integrating accommodation, catering, business, conference and tourism, which covers an area of 113 acres and a cost of $1.5 billion. Looking from a distance, the hotel, illuminated in the sunlight, emanated the unique luxury vibe of Dubai. Excited, our family members captured lots of pictures with their phones and cameras to preserve the astounding view. 







Walking under the sun and along the sea breeze, our family members came to Dubai Marina, the world's largest artificial dock, which is surrounded by many Dubai's iconic sky scrappers and beautiful beach. Not far away, the Burj Al Arab, standing in the bay opposite to Jumeirah Beach, like two bright pearls in the Persian Gulf. The fantastic architecture design, together with the powerful Islamic style and luxurious decoration and perfect combination of high-tech technology, and building materials, makes it merge into the the scene of sea and sky . Enchanting in the wonder-like scenery and totally relaxed, our family members took slow strides on the beach, with everyone sharing, talking and laughing in a very warm atmosphere, as well as taking pictures with their companions.











Later, the lunch time in The Hard Rock Cafe came with a sweet surprisetoday was the birthday of two family members. Sending best wishes to them, our family members started singing and dancing.



The trip in the afternoon brought long the most anticipated part to our family members - Dune the Desert Safari! It is one of the most popular folk activities in the UAE and across the Arab world. Rushing upwards and downwards the sand dunes in SUVs or Jeeps, and then gliding between sandy valleys to enjoy the ultimate experience. With our family members fully packed and prepared, the Dune Bashing got started! 22 SUVs set out simultaneously, rushing across the desert in a magnificent and spectacular way, with our family members cheering to enjoy the unique experience. Once the Dune Bashing finished, our family members returned to the Desert Camp, where they rode on camels, watched Arabian performances and tasted Arabian delicacies. From heart-racing adventures, to leisure and comfort, then to fascinating entertainment, our family members experienced a different Dubai and the unique charm of Arabian culture. 









The fall of night began final joy— the gala dinner. The amazing trip schedule over the past few days left our family members with unforgettable memories. In an lively atmosphere after a short break of Middle East performance,JMI President of Africa Business, Mr. Don Teoh thanked all people for attending the trip,saying "this trip marks an unforgettable memory in our life and in JMI, we will have more good memories in the future". Later, Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI Global CEO, delivered a speech. Looking at the happy faces of everyone, Dr. Bruce Fang encouraged them to continue their efforts to achieve successful career and healthy life, and JMI would continue to provide high-quality resources. He then demonstrated the limited edition of AlphaSpin Galaxy, which was launched in 2018, and hoped that everyone would push for higher goals. Amid expectation, JMI CDA, Dr. Raoul introduced a new round of trip promotion plan, bringing great surprise to all family members.  Inspired and motivated, all family members sincerely expressed their gratitude for this trip and wished a better future for JMI as well as their own achievements.



As our family members departed to their own countries, the 2018 Dubai Incentive Trip came to a successful end. During the trip, our family members demonstrated the positive energy of harmony and friendship in JMI family. The support and effort from our global family members are the driving force and power source of JMI’s continuous development. In the future, JMI will arrange more trips to take our global family members to more wonderful places in the world! We also look forward to seeing more people join JMI and take worldwide trips with us together! Wish to see you all the next time!