After taking a rest last night, our family members were full of energy in the morning and couldn't wait to start the trip again. Today's trip was particularly spectacular with visit arrangements of many iconic attractions in Dubai, including Dubai Mall, Miracle Garden and the Wild Wadi water park.


April was the time when Dubai has clear sky with white clouds floating, sending out the flavor of summer in the air. Our family members came to the first stop of today's journey: the Miracle Garden, which is dubbed as the largest outdoor resort in Dubai and the world's largest garden, as well as the most beautiful garden in the world. Upon arrival here, our family members were greeted by a sea of flowers, many of which were designed in various shapes such as Burj Khalifa Tower, pyramids, cars,etc. So excited, our family member enjoyed the flowers and felt intoxicated in the various shapes of flowers with different themes. Not far away, there was a long wall decorated with flowers, which looked romantic under the sunshine. Standing along the wall, a lot of family members were taking pictures in all kinds of poses. Plus, surrounded by flowers, there was also a 4-kilometer valley in the garden, and once walking on it and looking at the flowers along the way with breath-in of flower fragrance, all our family members experienced great relaxation and ultimate joy in the form of purest beauty. !








The trip arrangements for the morning completed afterwards, and with a lunch break, our family members got the rest and prepare for the second part of todays trip.


After lunch, our family members went to Wild Wadi Water Parkthe newest and largest water park in the Middle East full of middle eastern castles, gardens and boats, with waterfalls, rope ladders, water cannon, etc. Seeing so many amusement facilities, many family members were so excited and took turns to play with them. There was a free fall water slide named Jumeirah Sceirah, which could swoop down from the height of 33 meters at a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour, attracting a lot of families to try. In addition, there were many different types of garden water recreational facilities, such as Summit Surge, Wipeout Flow Rider, etc. In a high spirit and joyful mind, our family members enjoyed themselves so much, laughing and cheering all over the park. 





Later, they came to the world-famous Dubai Mall. Located at the foot of the Burj Khalifa Tower, it covers an area of 1.1 million square meters and is the largest shopping, entertainment and leisure resort in the world. I Many family members have already made a shopping in advance, and once entering the Dubai Mall, they have turned on the shopping mode to select their favorite products for themselves and families. And even more surprising to them was that the world's largest aquarium was also built here. Overwhelmed by Dubai's luxury once again, they posed for many photographs alongside the aquarium. The music fountain situating on the man-made lake near Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa Tower is a must-see for everyone. As the largest and highest music fountain in the world, it can spray water columns up to 150 meters, equivalent to the height of a 50-storey building. At 6 PM, the music fountain show started, and accompanied by music, the water columns sprayed in a variety of forms, sometimes like a slim girl presenting a graceful dance; sometimes like a team of knights in neat and orderly formation; and for a moment, all the water columns sprayed high into the sky in a magnificent and majestic manner. Motivated by the bytes of music, our family members gently wiggled their bodies and immersed themselves in the fascinating world of light and sound.






On their way back to the hotel, all our family members said that they have totally enjoyed themselves today, both physically and mentally, and experienced warmth and care in JMI family. Sharing and talking with each other about the travel experience, all of them were expecting the journey to be more exciting tomorrow.