13th April, Dubai Incentive Trip, the grand event of JMI in 2018 officially kicks off! Family members from around the world would arrive at Dubai to enjoy the 5-Day-3-Night trip together!



After an overnight flight, our family members arrived at Dubai International Airport in the early morning. Welcomed by JMI staffs who have been waiting at the airport, our family members felt warm-hearted . After breakfast, they took the bus to ABU dhabi, the capital and the largest city of the UAE.Being a modern city featured with different novel styles of high-rise buildings and wide streets crisscrossed in an orderly manner, Abu Dhabi made people immersed in its picturesque surroundings.  .WechatIMG1459.jpg

Family members were warmly greeted by Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI Global CEO and Mr. Lexus Chen, JMI Director of Global Business


 Dr. Raoul Ruben Njionou-JMI CDA and Mr. Don Teoh, President of Africa Region Business 

WechatIMG1457.jpgMrs. Tchoubet Yonkeu Nadine Njionou-JMI CDA

Our arrival at Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque started the trip today. As one of landmark buildings in UAE, it is the largest mosque there and the eighth largest one in the world. The minute our family members got out of the bus, dozens of white domes came right in front of them.Under the blue sky, the spectacular Grand Mosque exuded an inspiring holy light. With a sense of reverence and devotion, our family members took out their phones and cameras and took photos in front of the mosque.





Upon leaving the Grand Mosque, we went to another iconic building in UAE- The Louvre Museum. Dubbed as the “ Museum On The Ocean”, the Louvre Museum was jointly built by France and UAE and have been open to public since last November. After getting out of the car, our family members immediately saw a white building seemingly erecting from the sea, on the surface of which multiple pavilions in simple geometric shapes floating, sending out a quiet and zen-like vibe. Taking a closer look, our family members were awed by its uniquely ultra-modern design: a huge circular dome propped up by only four concrete pillars, and the curve of the roof was rich in aperture layers with eight different sizes of geometric patterns overlaid repeatedly in different angles. Stepping inside the museum and looking up, our family members were mesmerized by the gorgeous effect of "light rain” created by the sunlight penetrating the 8 overlaid layers. 


From time to time, the museum made our family members awed and excited, who had been capturing the best moment with their cameras and phones. In addition,the precious collections in the museum were a feast for the eyes too. Many of these items, borrowed from the Louvre in Paris and many other French museums, were on temporary exhibition to the public. For all our family members, this was a rare opportunity to see such valuable collections and expand their knowledge on different cultures while relaxing.


After leaving the Louvre Museum, we arrived at the front of the Emirates Palace. Located just in adjacency to the Presidential Palace and resembling a classic Arab palace, it is the only Eight-Star hotel in the world with a castle-style external design and a main gate like the Triumphal Arch in Paris. After the journey in the morning, a big lunch is just the way to replenish energy. Tasting various kinds of Middle East delicacies, our family members were completely relaxed, sharing feelings with each other in an atmosphere of harmony and warmth.


Later, there came the the highlight of the journey in the afternoon: Ferrari World . As the the world's first "Ferrari World", the one in Abu Dhabi covers an area of 200, 000 m2 and looks like an UFO with its red roof covered with a huge Ferrari logo. There were many sports car enthusiasts in our family members, who were excited to just see the Ferrari Logo at the entrance. After entering the park, they toured around to appreciate and take photos enthusiastically. Once in a while if they got tired, a cup of coffee in the Italian restaurant gave them a short break to share photos and travel experiences with their companions. As a theme park, the Ferrari World is a place with all kinds of recreational facilities , among which the most striking one is Formula Rossa ,the world's fastest roller coaster with a top speed of 240 km/h, which offers the  unparalleled heart-racing experience.


Today’s trip almost came to an end with the exiting from Ferrari World. Highly satisfied with the travel arrangements of today, our family members expressed their gratitude to JMI for providing them with the opportunity to visit Dubai. In the warm atmosphere, all of them looked forward to tomorrow's trip schedule.