Sun rise and down to mark our Australia trip has entered its 4th day. Reveling in various sceneries these days, our family members’ enthusiasm has been on the rise day by day!

Later, on arrival at the front the Sydney Opera House, our family member were so excited, and seeing the landmark structure in person, everyone was cheering in full enthusiasm and took as many photos as they could to capture the precious moment. The must-see legend architecture in Sydney and even Australia, is not only the one of the most symbolic buildings in the 20th century, but also has made its way to the list of World Cultural Heritage awarded by UNESO in 2007. It resembles several shells chasing towards the sun in different poses once being observed close by. Our family member circled around the Opera House to take a closer look at it, feeling the spirit of chasing for dreams as well.

Bondi Beach, our final destination of today’s trip, is one of the most famous beaches in Sydney, featuring with crescent-shaped coastline and soft sand to make it a dream place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the golden beach. We arrived here just at afternoon and many people were surfing in the ocean and others were lying in the chairs to enjoy the sunshine. Feeling the soft sand on the beach and the breeze from the ocean, our family members strode happily, soaking in the leisure time of the Southern Hemisphere. Some ladies put on sun glasses and posed for photos. Talking and laughing while taking the beautiful view of the sea, our family members had a wonderful time together.

The highlight of the 2017 Australia Incentive Trip came when Glamorous Sydney-JMI Elite Banquet was held. Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI Global CEO shared with our family members every bit of the trip experience and made a conclusion. Looking at the smiles from them, Dr. Bruce Fang said passionately:” Among us, there are Global Strategic Committee Members, as well as the leaders and sales elites from various markets. It is from your trust that JMI has been able to expand into global market rapidly”. On the sentiment about this trip, Dr. Bruce Fang continued:” The smiles from you are the best recognition of this trip, and make us believe that we can make more wonderful trips for you in the future”. Amid cheers and applause from our family members, he shared some of JMI’s future plans, “In 2018, JMI will achieve the goal of 3-Upgrade: Marketing tools upgrade, distributor back office upgrade and product upgrade, which wouldbring the best products and services to our family members around the world, and help more people realize dreams of staying healthy and creating wealth”.

Our family members enjoyed a fantasy trip together in the past few days, creating amazing memories to cherish for life. In the future, at JMI, we will continue to travel around the world with our family member to create more wonderful stories and precious memories together!