Today’s travel started with the beautiful sunshine. The sky was so clear, with some birds flying through, giving out a sense of tranquility. After the rest of a whole night, our family member were energized, and being fascinated by yesterday’s trip, they wanted to get the new trip started soon. 

On the bus-ride along the journey, our family members reveled in the beautiful scenery, who were in high spirit and sang together excitedly. Amid songs and cheers, we arrived at Featherdale Wildlife Zoo, the largest indoor zoo home to most categories of Australian animal and plant species such as Emu, Saltwater Crocodile, Platypus and etc., among which the most popular ones must be the kangaroo and Koala bear. With ten different themed pavilions inside, our family members toured around following the instructions from zoo staff. Cute kangaroos, gracious giraffes and huggable Koala bears…..each pavilion presented itself like a total different exploration, as well as a dream-like trip to our family member. Laughingly and excited, they took lots of photos to make this experience embedded into their memories. 

Walking along the passage, the wonders of nature were in plain sight for our family members, who relaxed and refreshed through the direct contact with nature. The instructors assigned by the zoo gave several briefings about the living habits and characters of each animal, giving us a deeper understanding about the kangaroos and Koala bears. To our most delight, we took a group photo with Koala bear. Our family members were so thrilled by the opportunity to explore Australian species, saying they would share this experience with friends and family once they returned home. 

Blue Mountains National Park, our next destination, was the world famous attraction in Sydney, which got its fame because of the shrouding blue mist released by the flourishing eucalyptus trees there. Once stepping into the picturesque mountains, our family members were refreshed by the faint scent given out by the eucalyptus trees, which brought about the sensation of the Garden of Eden when looking up at the bottom of the mountain.

In Katoomba, the centre area of Blue Mountain, we took the train to Scenic World. When arriving at the Echo Point, our family members got off to enjoy the whole view of Blue Mountain at the observation balcony upon the cliff. Not far away, three hills stood straight up high, giving out a special reflection against the blue sky. Those were the world famous Three Sister Peaks, impressing our family member with their magnificent aura. So to get a better view of the Blue Mountain, we took the Scenic Skyway, on which we looked down at the entire Blue Mountain Park. Lying comfortably, the mountains afar seemed to greet us with a kind smile, while the jade-like mountains nearby stood cozily with thin cloud floating across crests. Sky, Cloud, Mountains, all of which factored into an amazing painting, detailing every bit of marvelous power of Mother Nature. With the Scenic Skyway going up, our family members, cheering and hailing, submerged themselves in the world of natural wonder and could not miss every any bit of the scene.

During today’s trip, our family members enjoyed themselves with the unique charisma of nature, with Blue Mountain and Featherdale Wildlife Zoo presenting the nature’s power and diversity. This is in line with the product idea of JMI-Restore the power of the nature through science and technology-since its establishment from day one, with the goal of bringing the best products to more people. Magical Nature, there are so many more for us to explore!