It was early morning when our flights landed on Sydney International Airport, where 7 luxury buses were waiting for our family members. Despite of slight drowsy in this early time, our family member felt energized by the scores of people in the airport and the warm smiles from JMI staff. Walking merrily, our family members took on the buses to on their way to downtown Sydney.

The first ray of morning sunshine unraveled the day when we arrived at downtown Sydney. Mingled with the flavor of sea water, the air got us refreshed the moment we got off the bus. After breakfast, our trip started, with the first destination being The Queen Victory Building. Constructed in 1898, it is now the biggest shopping mall in Sydney, boasting nearly 200 shops covering all sections and brands from apparel to jewelry to antics. Full of joy, our family members entered the building, to be attracted by the interior decoration at the first sight inside. Exquisite arch gate, magnificent vault, colorful glass with classic patterns, tile floor in trenchant color, spiral staircase, retro-style lighting…..all of these gave out the museum-like vibe, which enchanted every visitor coming here. Our family members walked leisurely, soaking themselves into the picturesque mall, many of who made purchase of their favorite items while others took lots of photos to capture every moment worth savoring. Here inside the Queen Victory Building, the urban buzz slowed down a little bit, providing our family member the relaxing and joyful atmosphere to indulge.

Afterwards, our trip continued in Paddy’s Market, the biggest market in Sydney with a history of 150 years. Boasting 1000 vendor booths for small merchandise covering all kinds of fruits, vegetables, clothing, home appliances and etc. it has become the prime shopping site for tourists. At the sight of the sea of merchandise, our purchasing enthusiasm was ignited again. Here and there, our family members were selecting and purchasing their favorite items throughout the whole market, which became busier and more bustling.

Time passed, and in the evening, we came to the final destinationDarling Harbour. Sitting in the west of Sydney CBD area, the picturesque harbour in a place multiple entertainment venues and shopping center assemble together with the blocks of Sydney Convention Center, Sydney Aquarium and etc., which gave a really feast to the our eyes. Leaning against the railings and looking far away towards the prosperous urban area, we enjoyed a full view of Sydney. Walking leisurely, and sitting in the seaside staircase for a rest once in a while to appreciate Sydney in a long distance over the sea, our family members took the time to relax themselves, talking and sharing with each other every bit of travel experience they had today. 

At this very moment, we have totally immersed ourselves in the great view of the sea and sky blending into each other. In the middle of the magnificent natural beauty, our family members took lot of photos to remember this glorious moment.

With the lights all over the harbour turned on and contrasted beautifully with the sea, our trip came to an end and we started dinner in the mixture of sea breeze and soft music. Throughout the day, our family members enjoyed the great trip, as well as experienced the JMI spirit of sharing and cooperation. While having a taste of the delicious food and chatting with each other about the travel experience excitedly, all of them have already started looking forward to the travel arrangements for tomorrow.