Oct.29,2016, JM International held its 2nd Regional Meeting of South America & Initial Meeting of JMaxPOWER OF ONECopartner Program in Columbia.Award representatives from all over the world and our Columbian members attended this meeting, where Gary Ren, Global Operating President, and Victor Li,Regional President of South America, delivered speeches.


JMax will leading direct sales towards capitalization around the world.

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JMI will continue her succuss in 2017

Taking up the theme of Through the past,looking into the future,the meeting began with an Oscar-like ceremony to give rewards to our excellent members,including Excellent Instructor,Excellent New Marketing Star,Excellent Leader,2016 Excellent Female Leader and Male Leader,and etc, which were nominated in line with their performance by global branches. What culminated the first climax of this meeting was when Gerson Garcia, our Columbian member, received the title of “Crown Diamond” with astonishing performance, saying she was grateful to the fact that it was JMI’s great platform helped her achieve her goals. JMI expressed its appreciation to the outstanding performance these reward representatives has made for our global business and encouraged all JMI family members to keep an enterprising spirit and make more success. 


“Crown Diamond” Gerson Garcia: "I'm proud of JM".



At the meeting, starting with a thorough review of JMI’s operation in 2016, Victor Li, JMI Region President of South America went to deliver a speech. He gave a comprehensive recognition to JMI’s great achievement and shared his vision for 2017. Then with the grand introduction of JMax “POWER OF ONE” Copartner Program from Victor, there came the second climax tonight. The objective of this program is through the utilization of the advantages of capital operation, together with the help of JMI’s supply chain and global service network, to help distributors realize the goal of “one input, multiple earnings”, which was greeted with a storm of applause from JMI family members. Then, Gary Ren, JMI Global Operating President, from the market perspective, shared his vision to JMI’s future development and made detailed development plans. According to Gary, faced with the incoming blooming wave of direct sales industry and rising acceptance on capital operation, the timely establishment of JMax “POWER OF ONE” Copartner Program would be the leading direct sales towards capitalization around the world.



Afterwards, Michael Charles Doran, our special guest and the General Counsel from USA Merriman Investment Bank went on to elaborate about how capital and stock could play a core role in creating wealth, and agreed on the fact that JMax “POWER OF ONE” Copartner Program was the first of its kind. Michael is a well-known investment counsel and advised on over 3 billion US Dollars in financial transactions for all types of companies.


Before the meeting concluded, JMI presented certification and rewards to the newly-joined shareholder of JMax and welcomed more people to join the JMax “POWER OF ONE” Copartner Program. And meanwhile, we were proud to announce that the 3rd South America Meeting will be held in Mexico. We look forward to seeing our family member there again!