Oct.28, 2016, the Initial Meeting of “POWER OF ONE” Project was held in Manila Branch, Philippines, where Mr.Ryan, General Manager of Manila Branch, Dr. Teh and Dr.Yong , Founders of FDI, Mark Carriaga, Sarah Carriaga , Marc Arrieta, core company leaders of Philippines, got together with several hundreds of distributors and guests to witness this historic moment.


At the beginning, Mr. Ryan shared the course of company development in recent years .Since its global operation started, the company took simultaneous and quick marketing strategy, with combination of improved product R&D, supply chain and management system to make its operation presence all over the world. Based on years of operational experience, some related areas kept being optimized, which have laid solid foundation for company’s sustainable development.


Faced with new trend in the changing era and on the basis of solid foundation, the company made commitments to rush to another pinnacle with our family members by announcing capital market plans, which culminated the first climax with the grand introduction of “ POWER OF ONE” Project. With the incoming blooming wave of direct sale industry, this project will utilize the advantages of capital operation, which, together with the help of supply chain and global service network, will help distributors realize the goal of “one input, multiple earnings”.   


Mr.Ryan took a further step to introduce the “POWER OF ONE” Project in details, and meanwhile the Q&A session started, in the aim to provide company leaders with comprehensive understanding about the project and then initiate upcoming event and strategy to make full use of the last business season of 2016 and get fully prepared for 2017! All distributors and guests agreed with confidence, saying “POWER OF ONE” Project boasts obvious advantages and its establishment is at the right moment.

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Then, Dr. Yong ignited the heated atmosphere with his excellent speechwhich elaborated in digital module about the MLM cases that successfully entered capital market and laid out the advantages of “POWER OF ONE”Project and shared detailed strategy. According to Dr.Yongthis project provided everyone with a life-changing opportunity and he hoped the family members could take this chance to carry out company plan and utilize company’s platform to build teamsupgrade rewards and increase incomewhich could lead to realization of the ultimate goal of creating wealth in one’s free time while helping others succeed.


Afterwardsthere came the lively interactive sessionwhere distributors and guests spoke up activelysaying they were grateful to hear the shockingly great news before Christmas. Then the family members were still there in heated discussion and warm communication until midnight.

This meeting marked the official launch of POWER OF ONEProject in Philippines. We are on our way for successtogether we createwe succeedand we share. 


The "Power of One" program launched officially!