17,Oct,2016,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. JM International held its Internal Senior Executive Meeting of the Global Launch of Power of One Shareholder Program. Peter Li, JMI Global Executive Director, Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI Global Business President and Gary Ren, JMI Global Operating President, witnessed a remarkable historic moment with all regional senior executives from more than 30 countries.


Peter Li ( middle), JMI Global Executive Director, shared his views about JMI’s achievement in the global market over the past 3 years.

In the meeting, JMI senior executives began with summarized the great achievements from exploring international market: “Only 3 years, JM International has expanded to over 30 markets and JMI’s core values of “Share more, live more” spread to six continents. Successfully assisted countless distributors and consumers achieved the goals of wealth accumulation and healthy living.”


Dr. Bruce Fang, JMI President of Global Business, talked about the future plans of JMI and JMax

Then, all regional senior executives agreed that JMI will take definitely advantages on market with the brand-new idea “direct sales through the way of capitalization”. On the other hands, the incoming blooming wave of direct-sales industry and rising acceptance on capital operation, would contributed on JMI’s success.


Gary Ren, JMI Global Operating President, delivered a detailed introduction on “Power of One” Shareholder Program

’JMax will successfully enter US public trading market by products supply chain and global network service from JMI and advance financial management and operation from US. In the future, JMax will keep growing step by step, and we won’t stop!’


Finally, the meeting culminated its climax with JMI senior executives announced that the “POWER OF ONE Shareholder Program” will start from November. ‘The Shareholder Program is aimed to help distributors achieved a simple objective: “one job, multiple earnings”. Ultimately, all participants will become a shareholder and the owner of JMax accompany with sharing the success with JMax!’


JMI’s step a big pace in this meeting, it also demonstrated JMI’s never stopped supporting distributor to success with “healthy life” and “wealth accumulation”. The global launch of “POWER OF ONE Shareholder Program” blow the horn of JMax official entry into the capital market. All in all, more opportunities to build wealth were brought to distributors by JMax.


We are on the way towards success! Together we create, we succeed and we share!

The banner of “Power of One” Shareholder Program