A Moment of Celebrating the Glory

---JM China 6 Years’ Anniversary Convention

While the afternoon chapter of JM 6th anniversary celebration was all about the outlook of the upcoming golden 10 years, the night is a great review of the past and time for glory of all JMers. Ranging from awarding to the 8 overseas pioneering elites who have brought JM to across the world to star ambassadors, co-founders and the first ever family co-founder, the convention venue has become a sea of joy and raised up waves of applause once and once again! 

The awarding starts from prize-giving of our overseas elite marketing leaders, and JM overseas executive director Mr. Peter Li, global president of business Mr. Bruce Fang, and global president of operating Mr. Gary Ren were invited onto the platform to present. Then it came to awards of JM China region’s marketing elites. JM president Mr. Joe Zhou, together with other China region management team and eminent marketing mentors delivered prizes for all.  

As the convention is going to an end, Mr. Joe Zhou brings everybody exciting news--- JM’s acquiring of Ferrari Isolani Exclusive Distribution around the world. Mr. Candido the president of Isolani racing car, former senator of Italy House of Representative and Rome mayor running candidate Ms. Irene Pevetti have also come to JM convention venue and address speeches. Ms. Irene Pevetti also shows that she is so amazed by this great event of JM. She never expected to see such great vitality in a giant corporate like JM and she holds strong believe that JM will go even further.   

Mr. Joe Zhou, at the very end of the convention has a heart-to-heart conversation with all families with a theme of “Believing simplifies everything”. And by saying that, Joe Zhou aims to tell everyone that if we believe, we can succeed. JM has been fully ready for embracing the next golden 10 years. Now, everyone needs only to do the own part---to believe, believe in the industry, in the company, the products, the team, and most important of all, ourselves.