Golden 10 years, JM keeps on running

---JM China 6 Years’ Anniversary Convention

Dream is flower bloom on cliff, it rises in the dangerous place, live under thunder storm and bloom, it belongs to those who are born with courage and determination, it belongs to people of JM. 

April 2nd, the direct-selling world is looking at Shanghai. This is the very day JM holds it’s 6 years’ anniversary convention in Shanghai. 600 from overseas and altogether 10,000 people participated in the event, to witness JM’s expectation to the future. 

The warm-up performance from Chinese team heat up the whole event hall. Family members from over 30 countries and regions entered the hall. Followed by JM International Strategic Committee Member, Chinese distributor representative and JM top management team. It is their effort and contribution made JM top 10 in the world in such a short time. 

The drum dance Golden Ten Years is a state-of-art performance, after which Mr. Jacky Zhang, Vice Chairman of JM analyzed the future of healthcare industry. He pointed out the future 10 years is the golden time for healthcare industry and as the leader in this industry, JM is no doubt to make even more success.

Eco-home, as the key concept of JM Healthcare industry has drawn attention not only in China but also in the whole world. The Chinese National Committee has already set R&D center together with JM to promote the idea of Eco-china based on JM’s idea of eco-home concept. 

Mr. David Shao, vice president of JM coordinated with Mai, the eco-home AI gave an detailed introduction on the idea of eco-home: to replicate the 5 life elements, namely sun, water, air, magnetism and food from Bama and integrate to JM product to help people preserve health. 

Followed the introduction two old friends showed up on the stage, Olympic gold medal winners Mr. Wang Liqin and Ms. Jiang Yuyuan. JM has support China sports since establishment and now is one of the main supplier for Chinese athletes. Mr. Wang and Ms. Jiang speak highly on JM’s ever lasting support and JM’s high quality products insures Chinese athletes’ performance in the competition. 

The end session of the afternoon is a review of JM Charity Foundation. April 1st , the charity dinner raised over 6 million USD for charity purpose. Ever since its establishment JM is devoted to charity and in only a few years JM Charity Foundation has made tremendous success in helping people in need. JM provides not only health and wealth, but also a social responsibility.

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The amazing main stage

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JM Overseas management team

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Olymipc Champions speak highly on JM products

Global family members enjoy themselves in the convention