JM Overseas Family Visits Nanjing 

Nanjing, ever being the capital of 6 dynasties in ancient China, is a widely known cultural city, and it is right here that JM hails. The city has witnessed the company’s fast growing in the past 6 years and how it has come all the way to become one of the top 10 direct selling company in the world. 

March 31, after a short stay in Shanghai, around 600 JM overseas family come to visit Nanjing HQ and discover the mystery behind JM’s great success. 

A 4 hours’ bus has taken our family members to Hilton Nanjing Riverside, where they are to check in today. Right upon their arrival, they have a special prepared buffet, which is to the utmost consideration including a specified area for our Muslim guests and considerate mark of all dishes. 

After the refresh, everybody is taken to visit the company’s HQ and the under-construction Qiaolin industry park respectively. At the exhibition hall of HQ which is displayed with numerous glory of JM China, the company culture and premium products, our overseas family members are all amazed and cannot help to take a photo to record the best memory. Qiaolin industry park, which costs 50 million USD, will be the driving engine for JM’s eco-home strategy and accelerator of the company’s expansion all over the world. The 600 family members are indeed lucky enough to witness its building. It is projected that the industry park will be finished construction at latest the end of 2016. 

And then, our family members get enough time to discover more charming of the company and the historic city of Nanjing by themselves. Time is short, but memory will last forever. We believe this visit to Nanjing is way more than a trip, more seeds of success have already been planted for all JM families. 

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Global family members and marketing elites visit the Qiaolin Factory

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Lunch and dinner are Hilton buffet

Global family members and marketing elites visit the exhibition hall in China HQ