JM Marketing Conference (Nanjing) Held with 10, 000 Distributors 

April 19, National Marketing Conference of JM Sci & Tech (Nanjing) is held at Nanjing Olympic Centre. Over 10,000 marketing partners witness the great event together. JM executives, together with numerous experts & scholars, movie stars and marketing elites attend the conference.

JM Eco-home, upgraded products such as the sleeping system solution, social awards and charity achievement are shown up at the conference. A short movie of JM becoming supplier of China Pavilion at Milan Expo also is publicly played for the first time.

Wu Zhenyu, the most well-known movie star and director, who is the leading actor of Local Tyrant 520, a movie filmed by Daohe Filming, attend the event and sang a song to all.

One of the most exciting parts was the award and recognition for the distributor members. As they sow, they harvest from JM platform.

At the end of the conference, Chairman also addresses to all—as this amazing conference has fully proven our huge success in the past 5 years since we kicked off our business, we have every confidence that as long as we move forward with the times, adhere to our eco-home strategy, we will make even greater achievement in the next 5 years.