“Ohayo Japan” Travel Campaign Kicks off  

On Sept. 28, “Ohayo JM” travel finally starts off today! Our family members from Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines, PNG, Hongkong, Ivory Coast and Singapore have all arrived in Japan and begin their 5-day-4-night discovery of the amazing country! 

Narita airport in Japan is one of the busiest airports in the world. On the early morning of Sep 28, staffs from JM have already been waiting there for our dearest family members. After an average 6 hours of flight, a feast is already prepared for a re-fresh of them. Japan is always well-known for its fresh vegetables and meat in the world and for many local people, barbecue is the best way to stimulate out the best taste. At noon, our family members are well served with barbecued wagyu, which is regarded as the best gourmet. And for some members such as the Muslims, JM still has special food.

After the great feast, it comes to the most exciting part for all—the shopping. As our family members may have strived for making themselves more and more rich, it is also a good way for all to reward themselves. Built in 2000, Gotemba Premium Outlets is considered the most luxurious outlets in Japan. With over 210 stores of luxurious goods and sportswear, Gotemba is providing all customers with the most cost-effective goods. In addition, Gotemba is also one of the best destinations to have a beautiful view of the famous Mt. Fuji.

After shopping at Gotemba, all family members are brought to check in the spring hotel—Hakone Kowakien. Japan is rich in its abundant spring resources and all of family members are lucky to enjoy the spring here. A bath in the spring will always make us relaxed and healthy. This also coincides with the core philosophy of JM.   

Hakone Kowakien is not only the most ancient building in Kowakien, it also has the most beautiful Japanese-style garden. Surrounded with the mountains, it boasts the best resorting destination in Hakone. After our family members take a bath in the spring and have a rest, all members wear the traditional yukata and enjoy the big dinner together. President of Global Operating Mr. Gary Ren and Chief Sales Officer Don Teoh all address to our family members and give their best wishes, while our Executive Director Mr. Peter. Li, although is not able to be at the scene, also sent his sincerest wishes.

With the most tasty traditional Japanese meal and beautiful background music, everybody is having a most great time at the dinner. However, we all know this is just the beginning!