JM Holds 2016 Global Marketing Meeting

‘Every one of us, no matter a member of the top management team, or a selected strategic committee member, will be representing the company, a role model help the company go further in the future.’ Mr. Peter Li, Executive DIrector of JM said so on Today’s meeting.

As JM expands to every major region around the world, now is the time for the company to clarify the diverse situation we met in 2015 and discuss about 2016. December 10th, representative of JM ’s millions of distributors came to Guangzhou to meet the top management team. The 2-day meeting will be focused on the challenges met in 2015 and the global marketing strategy to be applied in 2016.

The meeting officially started after Peter’s speech. Dr. Bruce Fang, President-Global Business of JM  concluded the company’s whole performance in 2015. He mentioned in the past 2 years JM has made some achievement, but there are still some details can be improved. In 2016 JM will focus on strengthen the foundation and enhance the communication channel between the market and the company, he said it is impossible to made the right decision with little knowledge about the actual market, it is only possible to create greater success by combining the force of the distributors and the company.

Followed Dr. Bruce was Mr. Gary Ren, JM ’s President-Global Operating, he introduced how company will back up our people in 2016 concerning operation.

After Gary, Mr. Seto, Director of Global Business Dept. announced the tentative qualification, privileges and responsibilities of JM Global Strategic Committee. The Global Strategic Committee will connect the company and the distributors and boost up the company’s development, all guests showed great enthusiasm and discussed deep into the form of JM Global Strategic Committee.

After the lunch break, Mr. Gavin Zhang, President of Daohe Business School shared his idea on team construction and concluded that the most important thing of a successful system is it can always be duplicated. A successful system can be a study platform for new comers and offer them a chance to be a great leader.

Right after Gavin shared his experience in system-building, Don Teoh, JM CSO presented the company’s event plan and marketing strategy. Followed by Mr. Ryan Choong, Director of Marketing Strategy Dept. and Mr. Simon Choong, Director of Product Dept. they illustrated the marketing support and product support plan in 2016.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Joe Zhou stressed that there are two factors considered to be the key issue in the success of a business: sufficient funds and right people. In some sense 2015 can be considered as the first year of JM ’s global business since we have just finished our legendary the incoming 2016, JM will keep investing and make sure the right people in right place and hence, JM can duplicate the miracle in China and becomes a word recognized business empire, bringing people wealth, health and freedom. 


Exexutive Director Peter Li gave opening speech.


Dr. Bruce Fang gave speech on market development.


Mr. Gary Ren talked about how to support our distributors concerning operation.


Global Vice President David Shao shared his opinion.


Dr. Teh from Malaysia shared her idea.


Dr. Yong from Malaysia shared his idea.


Dr. Onggy from Indonesia shared his idea.


Ai Ling and Daniel from Indonesia shared their idea.


Dr.Raoul from Cameroon shared his idea.


Ms. Yulianny from Indonesia shared her idea.


Mr. Gerson Garcia from Colombia shared his idea.


Gavin Zhang, President of Daohe Business School shared his idea on building a strong team.


CSO Don Teoh introduced the marketing strategy and event schedule in 2016.


Chairman Joe Zhou gave a conclusion speech.